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Friday, August 12, 2011

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Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

If it wasn't for the dark underlying plot,this book would be a slapstick comedy.
Special Agent Pendergast loses at every turn,mental challenges,precautions,confrontations,gun fights, you name it.
The tense situations were too convenient and contrived.
For instance, just as he was about to win a gun fight a deer came out and gored him, so he lost.

The book is named Cold Vengeance ,what vengeance? He looked for his wife who disappeared  over a decade before and there was nothing in the book even related to vengeance.
Mind you he was pretty cold when he was soaked in the swamp in winter so there was a little cold.
The title was a marketing ploy.

The ending once his enemy became his ally was so predictable, a child could have written it and nobody would know the difference.
Pardon me, after the deer goring everything was predictable. 
It was all about high production word creation.
It should have been called the Pendergast  Bimbofication Vacation.

If you need to read it, get it at your neighbourhood library.
The closest one, you shouldn't spend much time or money on gasoline if you want it to be worth it.