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This website is the place to objectively say what you think, go ahead, vent about good writers doing sloppy work for example. . Comment or write a review on whatever the author or director or other failed.
Things like Movies,books,TV series,manga,anime.
Things like a poorly done plot,contrived situations etcetera etcetera.
Writing stories to get enough words to make a buck rather than putting the quality of the story first.
Things like that.
Pretty anything much goes. Negative can be a bad word but should good writers get praised for lousy writing?
To the contrary a negative review for them is deserved and a negative review they will get.

The odd swear word to make an emphatic point is fine,continued foul language is not.
As you can see it's the first day of my first blog.
Really there is only one hardcore rule: Offload your entertainment Negativity here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Any TV series review: Lets hear some critical criticism about that TV show.

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